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Février 2018


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[Zoonaute news] New Offspring for the New Year at Tampa Zoo

le Mer 05 Fév 2014, 15:18
The first offspring of 2014 have made an appearance at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

Tufted Deer
The first baby of the New Year is also a first for the Zoo. A male tufted deer fawn was born on January 2, the first of its species born at the Zoo. Until now, the mother has kept the fawn safely tucked away in the barn, a common behavior providing protection from predators. With the warmer temperatures, mother and son have begun to venture into the exhibit. The species is secretive and most active at twilight (dawn and dusk). The tiny tufted deer gets its name from the distinctive tuft of hair on its forehead.

© Zoo docent Dave Parkinson

Angolan Colobus Monkey
For the first time in five years, the Zoo welcomed two baby colobus monkeys, born January 22 and February 4. The oldest offspring was born to first-time mother “Whittney” and the youngest to her sister, first-time mother “August.” Both infants were sired by adult male “Grimaldi.” Colobus monkeys share the responsibility of caring for the young with other females in the group. This benefits the mother, as well as the other females who gain maternal experience. Colobus are easily identified by their glossy black fur accented by bright white on the cheeks, throat, shoulders, tail and sometimes chest. When infants are born, they are completely white in color. Within a few months, their coats turn grey and black, then to the adult coloration.

© Zoo docent Dave Parkinson

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