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[Zoonaute News] Chimpanzees go ape for Valentine’s Day


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[Zoonaute News] Chimpanzees go ape for Valentine’s Day

Message par Yoan le Jeu 13 Fév 2014, 16:52

Love was in the air for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s chimpanzees as they tucked into tasty treats dished up in heart shaped hampers to get them in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Keepers stuffed parcels full of the chimp’s favourite food, including apples and peanut butter, and put them around their enclosure in time for the big day.

The romantic meal with a difference is part of the Zoo’s enrichment programme which stimulates the chimps’ curiosity and encourages their natural behaviours – and keepers say the six playful primates are bound to go ape over their Valentine’s treat.

Keeper Jane Storr said: “We’re always looking for new ways of enriching our chimpanzee’s lives, especially at feeding time when we give them food in imaginative ways to keep them happy and healthy.

“Chimps are curious by nature and the Valentine’s treats make an ideal gift for them – they had to work hard to get to their food by delving into the hearts to investigate their treats.”

Visitors to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this half term can learn more about love in the animal kingdom as Romancing the Zoo delves into the world of wildlife matchmaking. A host of interactive talks and feeds will be taking place throughout the week, revealing the secrets of animal mating and dating.


Romancing the Zoo
· Romancing the Zoo is running at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo from Saturday 15 to Sunday 23 February 2014.
· Included in the normal ticket price at no extra cost, tickets can be purchased online at

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
· Whipsnade is home to six chimpanzees – Nicky, Phil, Grant, Bonny, Elvis and Koko – and their enclosure consists of both outdoor areas and their indoor ‘chimpnasium’ where the group can swing, play, even sleep in their high level hammocks.
· Chimpanzees live in the forests and savannahs of Africa, from Guinea to western Uganda and Tanzania.
· They are social animals and usually live in troops of between 25 and 80 individuals.
· They mainly eat fruit, but also leaves, buds, blossoms, bark, termites and occasionally other mammals.
· Males are approximately 1.7m high and females 1.3m. Both weigh 45-80kg.
· They are officially classified as endangered by the IUCN mainly due to habitat loss.
· Chimpanzees are highly intelligent animals, with an ability to solve problems. They were the first animals, apart from humans, to be observed making and using tools. Their facial expressions show emotions in similar ways to our own, though the chimp’s smile is a sign of aggression.

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