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Lemurs try out the monkey bars at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


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Lemurs try out the monkey bars at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Message par Yoan le Mer 22 Mai 2013, 21:26

As ZSL Whipsnade Zoo prepares to launch its brand new adventure play area, the lemurs are getting in on the action – with their very own climbing frame.

Twins Billy and Taffy, along with the rest of the group, are having a mini version of the play park installed in their enclosure, complete with tiny towers, a slide and a bridge, to celebrate the opening of Hullabazoo Adventure Play on Saturday (May 25).

Not only will the climbing frame provide part of the ring-tailed lemurs' enrichment activities, stimulating their natural curiosity, it will also keep the group active.

Keeper Hayley Jakeman said: “As our lemurs are very inquisitive by nature and love investigating new things, we're expecting them to give the thumbs up to their tiny climbing frame.

“Play is a really important part of the lemurs' social interaction and provides good exercise for them so creating a climbing frame is a fantastic enrichment activity.”

Hullabazoo Adventure Play has been designed around animal movement and opens to the public on Saturday, just in time for the half term holidays.

Hullabazoo Adventure Play
•  Hullabazoo Adventure Play is located next to Hullabazoo Indoor Play and the farm.
• Opening on Saturday 25 May, it has been designed around animal movement, giving youngsters the chance to slither and slide as they run wild and test their agility against one another.
• Taking pride of place in the play area is Whipsnade Heights, made up of six giant towers for children to tackle before they climb cargo nets, clamber over rope bridges and slide down fireman's poles.
• Other features in the Zoo's bespoke play area include a zip wire, monkey bars, balance beams, seesaws, climbing frames, swings, slides, and a roundabout.
• Access to Hullabazoo Adventure Play is included in Zoo entry prices.

Ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta)
• The ring-tailed lemur is found in the dry forests and bush of southern and south-western Madagascar.
• Lemurs are very agile and can move from branch to branch very easily using their long tails for balance. They are capable of jumping several meters from one tree to another, using their muscular back legs to push off the tree.
• They also use their long black and white tail (which is almost twice as long as its body) as a communicator; the striking colour helps them make visual signals to others, while a tail raised high gives the signal 'follow me'.
• Today ring-tailed lemurs are under threat as a result of hunting, habitat destruction and microclimatic change and are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List.
• It is thought that when humans first arrived on Madagascar around 2000 years ago there were around 50 species of lemurs, yet today there are only around 35.


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